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Pencil Pleat

Pencil pleated curtains are a very classic heading style and far the most popular. The width can be adjusted within reason, once made up. They are made with a 7.5cm or 3" multipocket tape, so the position of the curtain drop can be slightly adjusted once made. You can also decide how much of the pole or track you want to see and adjust the hooks accordingly. This heading style can be hung from either a track or pole so is a very versatile heading.




Eyelet curtains are very contemporary. They are the modern alternative to traditional tab top curtains. The bonus with this style is that they glide easily along the pole, making them extrememly durable. They stack back neatly without excess gather, so don't obscure the window too much. We make our eyelet curtains with a 4cm eyelet that is available with a chrome or an antique brass ring. If you require different colour rings, we can organise that for you. Just let us know via email. Eyelet curtains can only be installed with a curtain pole. There must be a 5cm clearance above the top of the pole to allow the curtains to be pulled freely.



Hidden Tab Top

This style of heading is an alternative modern take on the tradtional tab. Instead of the tab hanging in loops from the top of the pole, the loops are sewn to the back of the curtain creating a slot heading that gathers in pleats away from the pole. As with traditional tabs they do obscure a good deal of the pole even when drawn, but this can easily be remedied with tiebacks. This particular heading style can only be hung from a pole and requires a 5cm clearance at the top of the pole for the curtains to be pulled freely.



Pinch Pleat

The pinch pleated heading is a traditional style of heading, sometimes known as french pleat or triple pleat We use a standard 4" buckram in all our pinch pleated curtains, although we have 5" if you would prefer. Curtains are made up in the traditional way. The pinches themselves are formed into a triple pleat, but we can change this to a double if that is the preference. All linings either standard or balckout are sewn to the top of the back of the curtain by hand, so from the outside of the window the fabric isn't noticable. This type of curtain is usually hung from a pole and can be a heavy header.



Traditional Tab Top

Traditional tab top is a familiar heading to most people. Loops are attached to the top of the curtain, then they are threaded along a pole. The disadvantage with this heading is that it can obscure the window slightly, but this can be remedied with either tiebacks or holdbacks. Obviously this style of curtain cannot be used on a track. If you would like pointed or buttoned tabs then please e-mail for a quote as the pricing tables are for plain tabs only.



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