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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive a pair of curtains?

Yes, unless you ammend the specifications page to single.

What do you mean by width?

We mean the measurement of the track or pole.  Disregard already existing curtains, we do the calculations for fullness based on the track/pole measurement.  

How are the curtains made?

Tailor Made Curtains are predominantly made by hand.  All fabric is pattern matched to perfection.  Made to measure curtains all have a double 7.5cm or 3" hem, with weighted widths and corners, as curtains tend to drape beautifully with added weight.  All corners are professionally mitred.

How do I clean my curtains?

To keep curtains fresh we recommend that you merely vacuum them while they are still hanging.  This will keep them free from dust.  Some of our fabrics are machine washable on their own, but we would not advise this method of cleaning.  Instead for a more intensive clean, have them professionally dry cleaned.

Do you offer other heading styles? 

Yes.  Just send us an email with your request and we will be happy to give you a quotation.

I've got an awkward shaped window and I'm still not sure what to choose?

If you are at all unsure about anything on our website or indeed you are just not sure what to choose, we are happy to advise via phone or email.

Do you offer co-ordinating soft furninshings?

Yes.  We are happy to do so on request.

I want to make my own curtains but I'm not sure how much fabric to buy?

No problem, we can calculate this for you, just email us with your request.

I really would like to have my curtains, valance and tiebacks in contrasting fabrics?

That's fine, we are happy to advise which fabrics go well together, especially when they are from the same range, using the same colour pallet.  It can be really effective.

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